Sunday, November 29, 2009

Proof that I think too much....

So what do you think when you look at this picture?

I thought, how is there shaving foam on his chest and he still has all the hair on his chin and chest?

Is he planning to leave the scruffy beard and just shave his chest?

Was he shaving a gap in his unibrow and the shaving foam washed off his forehead and onto his chest?

(On a positive note, I see one is now allowed to refer to men having "beauty" products. Ha, the beauthy burden hits the hairier sex!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Are Our Minds in the Gutter

When I frequent Failblog, Cake Wrecks and other such blogs with funny pictures, one of the common themes seems to be "things that look like phalluses". It seems like plenty of pictures and objects have been created with a perfectly innocent intent--that now cause outbreaked of unseemly tittering.

Are we becoming more obsessed with the resemblance of anything oblong to the male generative organ? Or did people always note these accidental resemblances, but the internet gives us a relatively anonymous way to share these observations? Or are our minds descending further into the gutter with each succeeding generation? (who will think of the children!)

And why is it that anything oblong is quickly seen as phallic, but only a fairly limited number of things that are "negatively oblong" (a.k.a. some kind of hole) are seen as obviously vagina-like? In any case, when I saw the label pictured to the right in a toilet stall, you can guess what I thought. Or if you can't, it isn't people in general getting more juvenile and genital-obsessed, it's just me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Costume Ninja, Gender Stereotype

Ninja costumes for children were available only for boys.

Ninja costumes for adults are available only for women--and it doesn't really look like an outfit for stealth or combat. (Unless there is a secret ninja move called "cleavage of death").