Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Ulta

Over the last four months I have been into Ulta 10 times (yes I was counting) from the express purpose of buying the product that should be in these two spaces. It has actually been on there 0/10 = 0% of those occasions.

When I ask about it the staff say that they have no input on ordering which is done by some automated central process,one that apparantly does not believe in keeping a supply of a product on hand even when it is shelf stable and has dedicated shelf space that cannot be used for any other purpose. Some uber-manager is probably really thrilled about how "efficient" this is.

I am told that I can try coming on Wednesdays when they restock and there may or may not be some of this product. Which makes me think that Ulta can go screw itself.  I try and support local brick-and-mortar stores even if they are chains, but if the feeling is not mutual Amazon here I come.