Thursday, April 18, 2019

Purple Red Bull is Pink

...Just saying.  I guess pink was just less marketable?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Blanched Bits

In various parts of the world people like to bleach their bits.  Penises are being lightened  in Thailand,  in America lightening has been suggested for the vagina  and anus. It's a delicate subject because it balances the right to do what you want with your body, and equating good appearance with being pale.

Professionals who perform the procedure say that are serving people with "discoloration", but perception of a problem in that regard is subjective. Darker skin in all of these areas is anatomically normal and might be more accurately called simply "coloration". The perception that the body should have a uniform color seems to have come from porn stars modifying their orifices to get this effect.

All of the substances that reduce pigment are uncomfortable and most are suspected or known carcinogens.  Peer-reviewed research on the reasons for intimate bleaching, and the effects on health, are completely absent as far as I can tell.  Businesses continue to provide these services in the absence of evidence based guides about their ethics of when to provide them or medically safe protocol.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

That's Normal, Right

I may have been watching-slash-listening to too much true crime.  Listening to how every victim of unjust horrible murder was a joyous glowing mother-healer of virtue make me think -- am I not worthy of being murdered?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fun, but not Too Fun

So do the parents draw like children, or d they encourage their kids to stand in high counters to doodle on the high up chalkboard?

Friday, August 31, 2018

Defending the Beard

A recent new story in New Zealand included the little morsel "KFC [only] allowed beards to be worn for legal, religious or medical reasons".  And this gave me a serious WTF moment. And I'm like, I am used to tattoos and braid and  bright hair colors being treated as somehow shocking. But beards? What kind of anti-hipster hellscape is this?

The situation with beards is unusual only in that the other normal grooming habits that are banned link to a specific moral panic.  Tattoos -- dangerous biker gangs hoodlums (clutches pearls).  Colored hair -- anti-social punk feminists (think of the children!).  Braids -- things black people do (I guess?).  But Beards?  Things every man does unless they actively choose not to at least once a day? What is the underlying panic? Does someone out there think beards shed like a cross between a stressed Persian and a porcupine, embedding themselves in every surface?

Free the Beard!

And not only because beards are sexy as smurf. But because this is the thing about service work. You can hand people a chicken sammich with a tattoo, with green hair, with braids, with a mustache, and with a beard (on a boaty, with a goatee etc).  Sure you may be required to wear one of those ludicrous beard snoods if you are involved in actually cooking or assembling the food--but big whoop.

When it comes to service work your employer is hiring your labor, not your body and any intrinsically attached parts thereof.  They don't own you. And if they think their customers can't deal with seeing perfectly normal forms of personal grooming--let alone forms that probably pre-date homo sapiens as a species like having a hairy chin--then the employers and/or customers need to grow the fuck up.