Tuesday, November 14, 2017

File Under: No Shit, Sherlock

WATCH included a plastic Wonder Woman sword in their "ten worst toys" list this year.  On the basis that it is exactly what it appears to be

There are probably plenty of kids out there who shouldn't be given anything plastic and pointy, but I think that under the circumstances this is something that can be left to parents to figure out.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Power

Caroline Leaper, fashion editor at the Telegraph is declaring "pink is the power color to wear in the office".  The headline in my Google News had an eighties vibe the second I saw it.  But the picture....
...is a full sized flashback to the age or spiral perms and doing the locomotion.  And not in an ironic-cool-hipster way. The point of the story seems to be that pink is now post-eighties and gender doesn't matter any more--or more specifically "as personality now prevails over gender, why are we still afraid of looking sweet?"  A statement that could hardly be more tone deaf, as the news bombards us with CK cornering people to masturbate over them and a 32-year-old politician "dating" a 14-year-old girl... and celebrity of the week pointing his dick at inappropriate person of the week ad naseum. The common thread being, men do this more than many people want to believe and uncooperative victim's careers suffer.

And in a dizzying flip the the very next quote in this article destroys its own thesis with: "‘it’s disarming’: ‘People almost don’t expect you to present a killer strategy just because you look ‘cute’’, thus allowing her to strike them by surprise." Which explicitly admits that feminine dressing will in fact make some people think you are less competent.  Leaper seems to be trying to contrast her pro-girly-color rah rah fest to the eighties, but actually that's just how the eighties were. Beloieve me, I was there--Fido Dido T-shirt, stone-washed bubble skirt, sequined headband and all.

I remember very well being told women were equal now and to celebrate being a "girl", but wearing heels is compulsory and don't expect to get promoted.  Girls can do anything, but will get paid 80c on the dollar.  Sexism existed then and it exists now--and it is time for people to stop pretending otherwise even in the smallest of ways.  All that changes is how it is expressed and what we do about it. Looking "sweet" affects how people see you.  Dressing into that stereotype is a choice to make carefully and strategically, not because you think your "personality" is all that matters because that's just fucking naive.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Earning Online: Job Spotter

Website: Job Spotter
How do you earn: Download the app and post pictures of job ads posted outside businesses.
Ease of use: Easy -- if you live in an area where jobs are posted outside businesses
Pay Rate: Moderate -- Each job pays a different rate. The jobs I posted averaged 62c.  It took me 50 days to earn $10.66  About 21c a day. There is no minimum, and no fee, for cashing out.

Recommended: Yes, but only if you are in a area where job ads are easily seen on the street.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Not Your Mother's" is the new "New Black".

What the fucking fuck, Sunkist/IMW Agency.  These are in fact my mother's grapefruit.  These are in fact the same grapefruit as grapefruit have been since 1875 when they were accidentally invented by an orange and a pomelo tree requiting their sweet yet tangy forbidden love.

The ALLCAPs MODERN grapefruit is the same fucking grapefruit our mothers ate, the exact same one.

And do you know what does in fact smell distinctly of the era when my mother was a wee girl.  This patronizing princessification of a fruit, replete with every stereotypic bullshit women have had to put up with since... well, long before grapefruit were invented.

IMW has decided to: "Modernize Grapefruit and make it more relevant to today’s health-conscious young woman [because their mothers, by contrast were surprisingly pro-death-and-disease]. In addition, make the message fun and engaging [and not at all pseudo-scientific gender-stereotyped bullshit], and develop a campaign to educate [those ignorant] women that grapefruit is more than a diet…it’s a Superfood [Holy random capital letter, Batman. That word doesn't actually mean fuck all but they are too dumb to notice, right?]. IMW created an integrated marketing program that featured new health benefits targeted to the segment: full of antioxidants and vitamins; promotes heart health [in unspecified ways]; may reduce the risk of certain cancers [or, you know, may not]; and promotes healthy skin [because all gals really care about is not getting zits or wrinkles, right?]."

Skating pretty close to making an FDA-forbidden health claim right there. What next? Not your Dad's grapefruit.  How would that go: "Modernize Grapefruit and make it more relevant to today’s fitness-conscious young men. In addition, make the message fun and engaging, and develop a campaign to educate men that grapefruit is more than an mixed martial arts training regime …it’s an Aphrodisiac. IMW created an integrated marketing program that featured new health benefits targeted to the segment: full of fiber and riboflavins; promotes charisma; may reduce the risk of baldness; and promotes healthy beard growth."