Monday, November 2, 2009

Costume Ninja, Gender Stereotype

Ninja costumes for children were available only for boys.

Ninja costumes for adults are available only for women--and it doesn't really look like an outfit for stealth or combat. (Unless there is a secret ninja move called "cleavage of death").


David Tulloch said...

Hmm, so when little ninjas in training reach a certain age ...

Master: Grasshopper, if you can snatch this pebble from my hand, then you are ready.
Grasshopper (in breaking adolescent voice): I did it master, I did it.
Master: Well done. Now come with me, Grasshopper. It is time for the ceremony to begin.
Grasshopper: I did it!
Master (to assistants): Hold him down.
Grasshopper: What is happening, Master? Why are you holding those two large rocks? Master!?! What did they just inject me with?
Master: Nothing to worry about, Grasshopper. The injections will one day enable you to learn a fabled attack known as the Cleavage of Death. Now, this may sting a little.
(The sound of two rocks squashing something between them, following by an agonized scream.)
Master: No longer shall you be called Grasshopper. From now on you are Lily Blossom, feared Ninja mistress.

Karen said...

Well, I think some changes need to be made! Do we complain to the head ninja?

BarbaraRae said...

Something is not quite right in ninja

corrin said...

Just goes to show that you can sex anything up for Halloween.

Linda said...

ninjas are the only costume for me!


BarbaraRae said...

Whatever happened to your Halloween pics?

Maureen said...

I guess this is another thing I would have not typically noticed on my own...but you have pointed out!