Saturday, May 8, 2010

Evony, Evolution of a Mammary Fixation

I don't have anything against breasts, other than my rib-cage obviously. But I am getting rather sick of seeing them all over my favorite web-sites courtesy of Evony. The early ads were of your normal fantasy man with a sword. Then Boobarella arrived. She shows signs of using rather a lot of peroxide and lycra (and silicone) for a game that previously seemed to be set in a feudal, pre-industrial world.

Boobarella must have gone over rather well, for she quickly appeared in similar ads, with less clothing. That bra doesn't really look like it is covered with hand-made lace does it. Oh, you weren't focusing on the lingerie? Perhaps you are more Evony's target demographic than I am.

If you were in any doubt, here is third in the series. It provides a much closer look at that lovely bra. I can only assume that the next ad with have a 3D rendering of "come play" animated so it appears to be motor-boating between the the breasts of Lady Bounteous.



David Tulloch said...

I look forward to the next ad(s) in that series ;-)

Anonymous said...

The next ad is going to be one nipple.