Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spanx You Very Much

I desided to get some Spanx.  Which is not anywhere as much fun as it sounds. Basically it is a singlet that makes you look thinner by its mighty powers of elastication.  I thought it might look me more like my mental picture of myself rather than the rumpled mess I usually am.  Also I have a keynote address coming up and something about being paid to talk makes me feel like I should look good doing it.'

So I went to the Spanx website and looked at the size guide.  In US clothing stores I am a 12 on a good day, a 14 on a bad day, and a 10 if I pay lots of money (thank you, Calvin Klein). Spanx declares 14 to be LARGE which I find faintly depressing. They have measurements too, but I am--like most civilised people--am on the metric system, so I just guess and order a 14 in a "super-duper" slimming level, because, what the hell. May as well go the whole hog, so to speak.

So this thing arrives.  I put it on and... nothing.  It is no tighter than a swimsuit, in fact it has a few wrinkles and folds and is designed for boobs placed considerably lower than mine are.  This thing is completely useless except as an extra under-shirt for cold days.  But, mission accomplished. The Spanx singlet has made me feel like a skinny bitch with perky boobs.  Thank you Spanx.

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mspotter27 said...

totally LMAO...