Friday, April 29, 2011

Fringe -- Ford, Massive Sellout

My mind was partly on making cookies over the kitchen counter, but I knew Fringe should be on.  I looked up and saw some random family in a car for an extended period of time. I thought, that's not Fringe, that's a car commercial.

Then the car is almost struck by spooky lightning.  So I think, what a minute.  Maybe that is Fringe.

The the family escape with conspicuous use of a rear view screen, and a close up on the 'Ford Contour' logo on the back bumper.  So I think, no, this is a car commercial.

Then the scene changes to the hospital and Walter Bishop is watching over his unconscious son.  So, wait, what? This is Fringe.

Then there is a commerical break and the very first ad is for the Ford Contour.  And I think: you bastards!

Don't tell me that the overly long scene with throw-away characters and stunt driving  that did very little to advance the plot wasn't bought and paid for by Ford as much as the commercial that followed it.

A new low for product placement and right in the middle of what used to be my favorite show.

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