Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AT&T Customer "Service"

Step 1:
  • My land line is not receiving calls, I will let AT&T know.
  • Oh, gee. A fully automated system. I will punch in the issue and my cell number.
  • I wonder what will happen next?

Step 2:
  • Come home from work.  Find a note say phone was not fixed because I was not there to let them in at 2pm on a Wednesday. Go figure.
  • I guess that hang up call that didn't leave a message was the repair person. I will call the number he left.
  • Oh look, this number is out of service.  I guess I will call the number I used before.
  • I will choose the option for checking on a trouble order.
  • Oh, this options doesn't actually let you check on a trouble order. I will stab the zero button until I get a person.
  • The person says the ticket was closed because the phone was fixed.
  • I will open a new ticket. It seems that the ticket automatically causes a person to come the next day, although it doesn't say that.  And if you aren't there they just pretend to have fixed the phone.
  • Oh well, can we narrow down the time they will be there?
  • 12 to 4, or 2 to 6pm.
  • Yes, well.  How convenient. I guess I will just get up at 4am tomorrow in order to finish work by that time.


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