Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello, FDA?

Some may think the Food and Drug Administration is overly prescriptive in not allowing anyone to claim their product treats a medical condition unless it has undergone extensive testing.

But would we really rather be back in the era of snake oil salesmen, like the website for The Good Old Days Store is?

You are invited to "experience the benefits" of actual changes in cholesterol and blood pressure.  That, my friends, looks to me like a disease claim.

This is a good reminder that not all aspects of the good old days were actually good.  Tonics use to be not only expensive and ineffective, or but often actually toxic or a back door to alcoholism.  You never knew what was actually in them.

Thanks to current regulations we know this tonic is made of vinegar and culinary herbs and could be easily made at home for a few dollars should you happen to like the taste of it.  But if you need help controlling your blood pressure, I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere.

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