Friday, November 6, 2015

The solution to the "birth control insurance mandate" is socialized medicine.

An endless court battle is occurring in America as to whether religious employers must ensure that their employees to have health insurance that cover birth control.  As USA Today phrases it: "it pits reproductive rights against religious liberty".

Mike Licht, / / CC BY

Well, technically it pits reproductive rights against the right to impose your religious beliefs on people you employ.  Because anyone who depends on another person for income clearly cannot be allowed to have control of her own uterus.

But whatever, I will try and play devil's advocate with myself. Some people genuinely think God will be mad with them for providing no-strings-attached secular health insurance to their employees.  And the solution to this is obvious.

A person's health care options and choice should not have anything to do with their employer.  That way neither the employer, nor God (presumably), will get confused about who is responsible for choosing to use birth control, as 99% of sexually active women do.

The church, Hobby Lobby and the entire sector of Busy-Bodies Incorporated should stop trying to get exemptions from Obamacare and start pushing for universally available socialized medicine not linked in anyway to employment.

Then every citizen can get on with doing whatever they feel is right and accepting the consequences.  After all, isn't that the American way?

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