Sunday, January 17, 2010

Speed Opinion

People saying the movie Avatar is racist need to be given a chill pill and some water in a Captain Obvious mug* to wash it down with. Avatar** is racist like Barbarella is sexist. It's not accidental, its not all bad, and its a fun way to spend an hour or three. And yes, I know how to spell Barbarella because I can see my Barbarella poster from here.

*I feel the strange urge to open a Cafe Press store and offer a "Thank you, Captain Obvious" mug. It would probably be a better use of my time than a point by point fisking of the "Avatar is teh ebil" arguments being made online.

**Totally worth paying extra to see in 3D at a 'Gold Class' cinema.
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David Tulloch said...

I liked this article on Avatar.