Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earth to Chrylser

Have you seen the new Chrysler advertisement? It goes something like this.

1) Small kid is leaving school, three bigger kids are some distance behind him.  One yells: "Hey Parker, bet we can beat you home" (Or something to that effect).
2) Parker runs home with three kids in pursuit.
3) Parker jumps in hatchback of Mom's car, closes hatch and sees three kids in rear view camera.
4) Parker waves tauntingly at three kids as they drive off.

Beat you home? Clearly this ad was filmed with the idea that the three kids wanted to beat Parker, not beat him home. I get that Chrysler realised at the last minute that a jokey ad about bullying would not go over well. 

But now instead of being tolerant of bullying the ad just implies that Chrylser thinks their potential customers are complete frakking idiots who wont see through what they are clearly doing here.

(I would link to the ad but I can't find it anywhere online.)

Edited to add, found it:

I also found:
2010 Chrysler Town & Country—perfect for clueless moms and bullied kids.

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