Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jingle Jugs

Jingle Jugs NEW VERSION - RECORD YOUR OWN MESSAGE Animatronic Singing Dancing Boobs - GAG Gift
This is, um, weird. A trophy display of bikini-clad (bikini apparently removeable) boobs that moves and sings  "Titties & Beer" by Rodney Carrington. 

The tag line is: "The Trophy Rack He's Always Wanted!"

If 'he' is a mammary obsessed serial killer in training, of course. Or is trying to buy a Real Doll on the installment plan.

"... you can use the included stand to put them on a flat surface, like the Thanksgiving table centerpiece." (Just to add to the 'freshly carved' I'm-a-comple-psycho with no social boundaries ambience.)

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