Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Furtish #2

Okay, so what (if anything) was on my mind with the "furtish" picture?

Firstly, the shopping channel. "Mink, the classic fur," the salesperson says. "How feminine you feel with the fur around your face." They were pushing this "replica" mink coat. not "faux"... replica. Because this would really pass for mink, nobody could tell the difference--minks would be trying to pick you up in the park. So this how does this make any sense? It is the coat for someone with a moral objection to wearing fur, but who wants everyone to think they are wearing it? The perfect garment for hypocrites and morons? I don't understand, but I guess the mink aren't complaining.

Secondly, I started watching the movie The Eyes of Laura Mars. It opens with a murder, a photographer's show including a prone nude with a German shepherd standing over it, the photographer fondling fur coats and then a model's hair and models in full-length furs cat-fighting in front of burning cars. Bloody hell. But you know, it's much ado about nothing. The director's cut leaned heavily on the idea that the heroine glamorised murder in her work and so was basically damned to end up killing someone. Kind of the violence version of "asking for it?"

By which logic karma should, by now, have turned me into a gay American werewolf.

Hmmm. Not that I'd complain.


Anonymous said...

One of these days they'll come out with Faux polyester, saving millions of innocent lives that will otherwise meet horrific ends at those deplorable poly-puppy farms. You can just see 'em now, can't you? Running wild and free like nature intended - the wind blowing through their curly fibers and instinct beckoning them back to the free-roaming herd. Brings a tear to the ole eyes..sniff.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

You are right this could be for hypocrites or morons. But what I am wondering is has it brought down the number of people wearing fur. Then in a way it has helped.

Clyde Durgin said...

To LVS: Even if it's getting people from wearing REAL furs, it's still perpetuating the fashion trend of wearing fur. As long as the trend exists, people think there's a market for it.

And yet again, Rule 34 appears on this blog through TC's avatar image.

Emily Veinglory said...

Google ad irony, as ever.