Saturday, January 31, 2009


I generally rather like 'sleaze' paperbacks. They are cheap vintage yellowback books generally with gratuitous sex and violence, but honestly the story itself is generally pretty readable. But every now and again I strike one that is a bit much.

I mean... 'splotation, let me count the ways. We have the sexy (underage) girl, blacksploitation, rape reference, other violence and a whopping dose of moral panic related to young black men. I may be judging a book by it's cover, but I skimmed the first chapter and honestly I am not even trying to slog through this one. It seems to be 75% pure untagged dialogue and first person to boot, and that's before our lovely protagonist gets to taking girls "by force".

So sue me I am not going to try too hard to get into a book that serves up 140 pages of nasty wish fufillent with half a page of just deserts to make it all right. I actually think people should be able to indulge any fantasies they like--but I can't palate combining it with smug disdain at the same time.

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Bartholomew von Klick said...

25 cent paperbacks. Damn it, those were the days.

'Course, if I go spelunking for old books, I usually look for Conan or Nero Wolf books.

Those are *good* trash. :)