Monday, July 20, 2009

Cosmetic Plumping

Based on my last few posts you might expect "Say No to Plumping" to be about cosmetic surgery, and it is. Sort of.

It seems even meat can't look like meat anymore. Payments are lower of you have spotted or striped pigs because the consumer doesn't know natural pigment from mold so these pigs need to be skinned before packaging. Steak is sprinkled with chemicals to help it keep a red, freshly dead color rather than a natural dark brown. And chicken is soaked in saltwater to make it fatter and heavier.

So Foster Farms makes an explicit connection between meat primping and cosmetic surgery with their "Say No to Plumping" campaign, complete with a bizarre little video with talking chickens. --"I've been thinking about having some plumping done...a lot of chicken's are having it done, Betsy." -- But, well, frankly I find chickens talking about being fatter and tastier, in the voices of chatty female friends pretty damn unappetising. If anything it makes me roll my eyes at Foster Farms.

The entire campaign website contains a total of about one page of largely unreferenced moral panic statements suggesting plumped chicken is a direct route to cardiac arrest and stomach cancer, reference to science no data actually on the site, and the whole thing excessively plumped up with talking animals. Chicken who want to be centerfold of succulant fleshiness.

Chickens are to women what public health campaign are to preachy ad campaigns--totally different things, thank you very much. (I also note that the chicken actors aren't beak or claw trimmed for our convenience. I bet all the chickens actually raised on at Foster Farms are and that whole issue worries me more than some saltwater.)

In the economic section the amount of "plump" versus real meat is calculated based on a nice heterosexual marraige with one child eating the purely speculative industry ideal of four chicken meal a week. Uh-huh. --"Plumping is deceiving, Martha."-- I am sure the idea is that natural is better. but in the end this campaign read more like a creepy male point-of-view rant about how women use cosmetics to seem more beautiful than they are, cheating the male "consumer".


For added "ewww" factor try replacing the word "plump" with other words in the little videos.

"The people who want to plump me say no one would ever find out".


Christina the coffee lady said...

LOL... you really find some good one... My girls are no plump girl.... just good ole natural! Boil em when the eggs stop comin!

Karen said...

Yucko! I'm with you. Just cook the dang meat and serve it to me. I don't want to know anymore about it.

Lynn said...

yeah, I think people should live on a farm so they know exactly what their food is suppose to look like. :)

ConnieFoggles said...

As long as their's no hormones added to them, I'm happy to eat them fried, roasted, in soup, etc.

Maureen said...

I think they were just making it entertaining...the message is pretty clear that factory farms use all kinds of methods to make their tainted food look appealing. They torture the chickens and feed them hormones to make them grow unusually large and then feed them antibiotics because they are sick from being 7 to a crate...hmmm, no wonder why they have to plump them w/salt water. I would imagine cortisol and stress hormones taste pretty bad!! Tyson is a big culprit and I'm glad they get exposed, even if it's just the plumping commercial-