Monday, July 27, 2009

Insurance ad rant...

The dulcet spokesperson intones... "You might be surprised to learn that most people who change to State insurance save money..." Most insurance companies run advertising along the same lines. People who swap to their coverage save money, no matter which company they change from or to.

This really is not surprising.

Presumably all insurance companies have subtle differences so that each of them offer the best deal for certain types of people seeking certain kinds of coverage. And most people who change insurance companies will tend to choose the cheapest deal they are aware of that meets their needs.

Ergo most people changing from any company to any other company will save money--especially during a recession when they may also be reducing coverage.

So no, I am not surprised.

Just how stupid do the boffins at State et al think we are?

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ConnieFoggles said...

It reminds me of the ads that use the terms like, "it's better" or "it's smells nicer". The questions are better than what and smells nicer that what? Yes, they think we're stupid.