Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Portuguese Playboy Jesus

I guess we are supposed to be shocked by the Portguese Playboy's photo-epitaph for the author Jose Saramago. Or maybe we are meant to be smugly aware of not being shocked because we are all people of the world.

I get that this is the author of O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo / The Gospel According to Jesus Christ which depicted a very human Christ. I am just not entirely sure how this translated to some very run of the mill shots of Jesus amongst the boobies.

Jesus doesn't look very Jesusy. The shots don't seem very well composed, and worse of all--even the boobs aren't being dsiplayed to best advantage. Shame on you Portuguese Playboy, be as sacriligous as you want, but remember the main point of the pictures.

Make nice pictures of nice boobies.


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Anonymous said...

I was more entertained by the fact that it looks a bit like Posh Spice and Jesus in the same photo.

And some people think her husband is a god.

Just sayin'.