Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Werewolf Nipples

I know enough about Twilight to realise that there is nothing at all odd about Barbie Jacob going sans shirt. I was, however a little bemused by the lack of nipples.

I mean not even a subtle suggestion of nipplage. Its not like I was asking for the full Batman here, his torso is naked.

Back in primary school I remember being sent to the principal's office for drawing nipples. I had drawn a mermaid. The principal asked why she had nipples and I said that I thought mermaids must be mammals, so they would need nipples to nurse their young. At the time I had no idea why my desire for biological accuracy had been seen as requiring disciplinary action.

In a reverse proposition perhaps werewolves don't need nipples because they procreate by biting humans and turning them into werewolves? Although this still leaves open the question of why Spirit, so-called stallion of the Cimarron doesn't have a penis.

(Anatomy is dirty people, and don't you forget it)

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Boone said...

Werewolves were human at one time and have a human form, and all humans have nipples--regardless of gender. Hence, werewolves should have nipples... and penises.

In a semi-related note, everyone rags on 'Batman & Robin' for putting nipples on the batsuit, but they first appeared in 'Batman Forever'. People forget that because they, for some reason, think it's a better film... which it isn't.

Emily Veinglory: said...

If they develop the ability to turn into wolve, why could they not also reabsorb their now obsolete reproductive organs and mammaries? That would be relatively minor in comparison....