Saturday, July 17, 2010

What do Batman and Teddy Roosevelt have in Common?

So today my writer's groups failed to group (and, I suspect, also failed to write). Fortunately their lack of cohesion was apparent by Friday night. So I slept in, and then I got up and went to Borders (where we meet) anyway.

This was not entirely because I am a creature of habit--although I am, but it was too late to cancel the dog walker, so I thought I might as well go somewhere. It was also because I had a Borders gift card. And I have learned that I need to spend these things before I lose them, so--like--within about a week. (If you could see my apartment you would understand).

The Complete PersepolisI had decided that I wanted to buy a copy of Persepolis by whats-er-name. I looked around hopelessly in the graphic novel section. I wasn't sure where to look because comics are shelved by character name, not author.  But anyway, I can't find it. So I went to the helpful staff person who told me it was shelved as memoir, upstairs.

So, there I am upstairs.  The equally helpful staff member upstairs tells me that all of the sections in Borders are shelved alphabetically by author, except one.  Because biograpy and memoir is shelved by the name of the subject of the book.  So if someone wants a biography of Teddy Roosevelt they can see them all together in one place. Those of you who were paying attention will know he wasn't quite right about that. 

I wanted to read Persepolis because I am trying to get over my bad attitude about these feminist memoir comics that are being embraced by the pretentious classes, who continue to think comic books in general are sexist pap of interest only to mouth-breathers with a spandex fetish and a single digit IQ.  Finding it being given special treatment (being shelved by genre not format) didn't help with that.


Pagesmith said...

No group?

And I was stuck at work wishing I was there. Perhaps I could have gone with you to help you find the... er, graphic novel? Is that what it is?

So no one else wrote anything this week. What about you?

Emily Veinglory: said...

The peeps are busy having lives (ublike me). But I did get some writing done. 18000/25000 on the current project. w00t!

Pagesmith said...

18K? Get down with your bad self.

You rock. But we knew that.

Emily Veinglory: said...

19k now, and the story is called "Rock Me"

Get thee to a keyboard!