Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am Sexist

I really am; I honestly think we all are to some extent both against woman and men.  We marinade in our culture and no matter what you want to think or feel, it does get in. 

For example this morning I was scanning the middle of an article about a member of congress being quizzed on possibly breaking ethics rule.  This was the picture. I caught myself making an assumption about which one was a member of congress.  (Hint, it's the one on the left.)

In one of those stabbing little ironies the story on the facing page was about how San Francisco ban on affirmative action was upheld.  Specifically that to return to an affirmative action program one would have to show that the city "purposefully and intentionally discriminated."  The problem being that you don't have to be purposeful or intentional to discriminate--and those who do discriminate overtly are usually smart enough to lie about it.

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