Monday, August 30, 2010

Summers Evil and the Dangers of Ephemism

Several recent blogs have picked up on a 'advertorial' by Summers Eve (see right, click to enlarge).  This full page ad tried, very ineptly, to mash together an ad for soap with an article about how to ask for a raise.  I don't have anything to add on the general stupidity of this advertisement.

I would like to make one point.  I was suspicious as I read the Boing boing article that it would be easy to mistake exactly what kind of product Summers eve is.  My suspicion deepened when I read the Sociological Images post entitled : Douching Your Way to the Top.

We are so used to the euphemisms aren't we?  "Feminine wash", "Feminine cleansing"?  It means vagina soap, right?  Douching?  Actually, no, it doesn't.  If you put these products in your vagina you are likely to end up with a very unpleasant result.

As irrational as it might seem Summers Eve is selling a product designed solely for washing the external pubic areas.  Or as they say "the external vaginal area".  WTF?! Isn't that akin to calling the face "the external throatal area", or the buttocks "the external anus area".  And for extra coyness the FAQ part of the page refers to the pudenda as "down there" (I kid you not).  And should you feel any doubt at all: "Summer's Eve washes and shower gels are not used internally".

Why would you need a special soap just for washing the skin in the pubic area, which is exactly the same as the skin covering the rest of your body?  I have no idea.  But just remember, don't put soap or any other cleaning products inside your vagina even if you do need a raise... 'kay?

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