Sunday, August 8, 2010

Librarian Erotica, Who Knew?

Librarians, as a profession, have a rather strange and conflicted reputation. One aspect of it is perfect primness and propriety.  And it seems that where ever such a reputation exists, it results in pornography.  There is a list of 49 hardcore pornography novels about librarians here that is strangely fascinating. Another ten (including one more) are reviewed here.  And there are two more examples mentioned here--bringing the total to 52.

So called "sleaze" paperback like these tend to go uncatalogued and were not printed on good quality paper. As such many titles are impossible to find and at the end of their life-span as physical objects. I certainly do not need to start a new collection, but if anyone out there is so included, here are the titles you would be looking for. 

I also added some more modern examples and reprints (links to Amazon). This leaves us with a listed of 61!  And I am sure I have missed more than a few.

Listed, of course, in alphabetical order (by title).  Some of these titles will contain material guaranteed to offend just about anyone--you have been warned.

  1. Bang the Librarian Hard by Laura Winters
  2. Campus Lust
  3. Chained, Whipped Librarians
  4. The Chaste Librarian by Celia Jade
  5. Degraded Raped Librarian
  6. Eager Beaver Librarian
  7. Eager-to-Spread Librarian by Don Scott
  8. Eager Young Librarian by J.D. Blackwood
  9. First Rear Entry
  10. Forbidden Reading by Linette Ashton
  11. Helpful Head Librarian
  12. Horny Balling Librarian by Nick Eastwood
  13. Horny Hot Librarian
  14. Horny Licking Librarian
  15. Horny Peeping Librarian by Frank Brown
  16. Hot Bed Librarian
  17. The Hot Librarian! A Novel of Erotica - Erotic Encounters by Iyla Brown
  18. Hot, Licked Librarian
  19. Hot Loving Librarian
  20. Hot Mouth Librarian
  21. Hot Pants Librarian
  22. Hot to Trot Librarian
  23. The Hottest Librarian by Gary F. Woods
  24. In Heat Librarian
  25. Janet, Librarian by Raphael Mello
  26. Lash the Librarian!
  27. The Librarian by Carmine
  28. The Librarian by Victoria Calaway
  29. The Librarian Gets Hot
  30. The Librarian Got Hot
  31. Librarian in Bondage
  32. Librarian in Chains
  33. Librarians Don't Get Married by A P Miller
  34. The Librarian Licks Big Ones
  35. The Librarian Loves It.
  36. The Librarian Loves to Lick by Frank Warfield
  37. The Librarian Slave
  38. The Librarian With the Hots
  39. The Librarian's Boys
  40. The Librarian's Hot Fun
  41. The Librarian's Hot Lips
  42. The Librarian's Hot Urges by Nick Eastwood
  43. The Librarian's Love by Ava Delany
  44. The Librarian's Naughty Habit by Heather Brown
  45. A Librarian's Training.
  46. Licking the Librarian by Hank Borden
  47. Line Up for the Librarian
  48. The Lusty Librarian by Waldo Beck
  49. Naughty Voyeur Librarian by Nick Eastwood.
  50. Nympho Librarian.
  51. The Oral Librarian. 
  52. Overdue for Please by Shelley Aikens
  53. Overeager Librarian.
  54. Raped and Roped Librarian.
  55. Sally - Sexy Librarian.
  56. Sex Behind the Stacks.
  57. The Sinful Librarian by Anonymous
  58. Split  by Kristina Lloyd
  59. Three-way with the Librarian.
  60. Untamed by Kathleen Lawless
  61. The Young Librarian by Rod Waleman
  62. What a Librarian! 

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