Saturday, January 1, 2011


Having mentioned Hygieia, I thought it might be worth devoting a few words to Cloacina

Cloacina, Goddess of the tide
whose sable streams beneath the city slide.
[Gay, 1716]

The thing about ancient greek dieties is that they represent and protect anything thing that is important, in its many subtlties. Not just love but love in all its forms pure and lust, gay and straight, sated and unrequited.  And also those basic principles and structures that maintain health cleanliness and sanity.

Thus Cloacina, Goddess of the Sewer. Sometimes seen as a Goddess in her own right and sometimes an aspect of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty.  A connection that was in no means considered contradictory--not only in that hygene was seen as crucial for health, but that sexuality was seen as part of filth.

Not much, I suppose, has changed.

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