Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Retail Dog in the Manger

I generally like the blog "Not Always Right", which provides a daily dose of retail customers acting unreasonable or dumb.  But I think sometimes the assumption built into a blog can get "stuck".  Customers are stupid, right?  i am sure they are, a lot of the time. I didn't last long in customer service myself.

But the story Not The Best Display Of Human Behavior is actually about a store policy and its drone staff being stupid. Basically a customer asks to buy an old store display.  the staff and manager say she cannot ans through the old display in the dumpster rather than giving it to someone who wants it.  Then they detain the customer for "stealing" the display from the dumpster.

It; trash, people.  The store threw it out.  The customer wanted it, so she took it.  The customer was right.

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