Sunday, January 16, 2011

5 Weirdest Branded Fashion Products

#5 Smurfette "Girls Night Out"
I know that it is a retro classic design to make a T-shirt of 'Ladies night' or 'Girls Night Out' and put some classic female characters on it. But when you are the only female of the species it just becomes a perplexing homage to delusional narcissism.

#4 Cruella de Vil Cosmetics
Yes, I get that MAC is an edgy brand, and their are some villianesses with undeniable style. But the haggard looking potential puppy murderer just does not strike me good basis for a make-up collection

#3 Ken Bow Tie
Yes, this is an official Barbie/Matel product made in conjunction with Colette.  Don't have the classic good looks needed to truly carry off a bow tie?  no, problem!  This bow tie has them built in.

#2 Superman Bling
Superman is meant to be about down home rustic heroism, so there is immediately something a bit wrong about Superman bling.  Not only is it pretentious and expensive ($500), it is fake--made from cubic Zircon and brass tarted up with a thin coating of gold.  Tacky.  And what is with the model with gold stubble?  This whole collection is pure WTF. Maybe there was some red Kryptonite involved....

#1 Hello Kitty Cat Clothing
Hello Kitty provides an outfit that allows you to dress your cat up... as a cat (only more annoyed).  Baffling, pointless, and a difficult to explain to the paramedics.

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