Saturday, February 21, 2009

Batwoman's Shoes

Why are the news media acting like she is a new character when she has been around for a few years now? (Since 1956 by name, and 2006 as lesbian). And who told them her name is Kitty. I mean, Kitty Kane? (Sounds like a stripper name). I hope Kate isn't actually getting all kitten-y.

I assume it is a combination of the announcement of her new series to star in as announced at the recent NY Comic Con, and someone with bad handwriting.... (I hope). Comparing this character in her debut with a sneak preview of her new book, it is nice to see a superhero female finally wearing sensible shoes, isn't that dangerously close to a stereotype? ;) Although she is still clearly a fashion conscious character with that lipstick (Um, isn't that a stereotype too? LOL).

Then again, based on this concept sketch it seems like the crucial issue of shoes isn't really nailed down. Maybe that is even the source of the confusion, eh? (They look a bit like "kitten" heels....)


Clyde Durgin said...

I think we're forgetting that she isn't even the first lesbian comic book heroine, let alone how long it's taken the media to jump on this "story." The list of gay comic book heroes is staggering to say the least.

To be honest, the most noteworthy thing about this story is what you pointed out -- her shoes. Sure, there's been female characters who haven't worn heels, but none wearing boots with decent treads.

Clyde Durgin said...

For the curious, here's a fairly thorough list of LGBT characters in comics...