Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"It's Edgy, It Really Is."

M.A.C.'s new "Hello Kitty" fashion line that is.

Personally I think it is funny, it really is. Kitty-chan is plenty edgy already, appearing on official products including a vibrator and unofficial products from rosaries to Uzi's. What could a fashion label possible add to what the uber-Kitty has already accomplised? Answer, a man-Kitty servant with an enormous head and black nail polish

Sorry, still just funny. Nice try though.

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Clyde Durgin said...

I think it'd be better if the Hello Kitty head was used more like an executioner's mask, splattered with (fake?) blood and placed on the shoulders of a hairy, rotund man carrying a large axe.

But that's just me.