Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sexy Chicks

In a break from your regularly scheduled cynicism I bring you this: Kakapos. Despite a valiant effort at becoming extinct* the kakapo population has just reached over one hundred (103 to be exact). That is double the number that existed ten years ago, and up to 30 more chicks may yet hatch this year.

* They are huge, bright green, flightless, have no fear of predators, wander around the forest making a load booming sound, and don't breed until the are several years old, there is a lot to eat, and they feel like it. Fortunately this year there was a lot to eat. And I guess they felt like it.

These are not the kakapo chicks in question, but some other kakapo chicks from a few years ago. But you get the idea.

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Judi said...

Now they're the sort of chicky-babes I can relate to! We were stoked to hear how well the kakapo are doing this year. We've been busy helping monitor their cousin's progress (kaka) this season at Karori Sanctuary - we've had a good season too with around 40 fledged.