Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smells Like Bond Girl

A new fragrance called 007 girl is being advertised by Avon. Yes, Avon. Fleming must be spinning in his grave. It is advertised with a strangely over-made-up shot of Strawberry Fields/Gemma Arterton, and smells of orchid, vanilla, cashmere, orange blossom, jasmine, freesia, amber, patchouli and musk. Um, wow. I would rate this one, sight unseen (or scent unsmelled), "possible to resist".

To me the scent of a bond girl would be simple, sexy and have something to do with the franchise, like:

1) Honey (Honey Ryder/Ursula Andress)

2) Roses (Rosa Klebb/

3) and, um, fresh cut hay.... (Pussy Galore/Honor Blackman)

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Page Smith said...

With just a hint of sea-saltiness (Octopussy).

Bond will still smell like smokey casinos and vodka, but that can't be helped.

Clyde Durgin said...

Funny... white trash morons also smell like smokey casinos and vodka.

Anonymous said...

Miss Moneypenny..ummm..Violets, virgin amber resin, peony and copper.