Monday, March 16, 2009

Womans Day says: Let Them Eat Cake

These are hard times and all the magazines are full of advice about how to be frugal. But if you are really short of money, I would suggest saving the $2.79 you might otherwise spend in Womans Day. Here is an example of the wonderful frugality advice they have:

"As for the bread, I try to always have another loaf in the freezer, but if that's used up, well, they can substitute an English muffin until grocery day comes around."

This is what happens when you get your frugality advice from a two income family who can save $80 just by cutting out impulse buys in the grocery store aisles. Personally I find this writer's one month "experiment" of being recreationally frugal despite still having money to throw about blithely condescending.

And the editor really rubs it by suggesting that this kind of advice is so shocking they were "taken aback" because falling back on English muffins is "no ordinary cost cutting" and "serious rethinking how you spend."

If this is what they have to offer people struggling with spirally costs, layoffs and the immanent threat of slipping under the poverty line perhaps they should seriously rethink how they run their magazine instead.


Clair Dickson said...

How foolish. Of course, this *is* the same magazine that ALWAYS has some decadent treat on the cover that has more calories than one needs in a week, but they always have a feature article on how to lose weight. (Cutting out decadent, calorie-dense treats would surely help with weight loss...)

Some people, though, really are clueless as to how folks with limited funds really live. If I run out of bread, there's certainly no English muffins (which cost MORE than bread!) in the wings. =/

Anonymous said...

Call me stupy, but if you can afford to make your family a cute & decadently delicioso shanty cream cake with fresh honey & ale glaze roof but don't have bread to feed your kids, something's seriously WRONG.