Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bodybuilding Animal Abusing Asshats

Speaking of body builders, anyone who makes an art of developing their own body but will starve animals until they look like the living dead needs to burn in hell.  I mean that.  I can almost get behind really wanting to perfect the human form.  Sure, why not. But it should connect to a general desire for the wellbeing of all.

And most especially for the well being of domestic animals that are delivered, just by being a member of their species, into a state of absolute vulnerability.  Any animal we take responsibility for is utterly an completely dependent on our compassion and out conscientious care.  And this is what these asshats did to their horse.

Perfecting the body can be an exercise in art. Perfecting your own body while a helpless animal starves to death right in front for you is a exercise in pure unadulterated narcissism. And of the body building community has any integrity whatsoever they will turn on this couple and repudiate them as loudly and publicly as possible. Including banning them from every contest, publication or other form of recognition that community/industry has on offer.

Regardless, they need to be prosecuted the fullest extent that the law allows. And for every lame ass excuse they make, a year should be added to he sentence.

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