Friday, October 23, 2015

If women want to write polite emails, they damn well should

Mike Licht, / Foter / CC BY
Here is yet another social media post saying that using softening or hedging language is bad.  That is language like "when you get the time", "this is my opinion", and "I'm sorry".  Many many posts recently picked on the word "just".  Its a bad, bad word gals.

How do we know this language is bad?  Because women use it.  You know, women, the gender known to generally be good at using language and managing inter-personal relationships.  What would they know.

Maybe the solution is not to get all women to be blunt, inconsiderate and demanding, but to have a workplace where being considerate is not penalized. Where we send messages that acknowledge that other people's and opinions have some value FFS.

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