Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ruby Rose Genderqueer Intro Cut

Ruby Rose
Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer /  
Foter / CC BY-SA
As a host of the MTV Europe Music Awards, Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) took the opportunity to make a brief, inclusive introduction: “Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between.”

Of course the the US version of the show was cut down to ensure valuable advertising time was not lost, and they chose to cut this statementI don't think there was necessarily any anti-genderqueer reason for the cut per se.  But the US editors clearly failed to understand why this intro was in fact important and being widely discuss worldwide.

This is yet another example of the US TV industry's penchant for taking world class programming from overseas, especially Europe, and just loping bits off haphazardly to get it into predetermined time slots.  (i.e. butchering Sherlock just to keep the smarmy and unnecessary Masterpiece into.)

Surely it is time to treat the US audience with respect and adapt the schedule so they can enjoy the same full-length, international version of programs from around the world--not the pre-masticated Readers Digest version that our cable overlords like to treat like interchangeable lego bricks, assuming we will neither notice nor care.

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