Monday, October 19, 2015

The advantages of making sex work legal

Hey Paul Studios / Foter / CC BY
In New Zealand sex work (prostitution) is legal, but failing to use a condom is illegal.I guess some people might find it unfair that the (male) clients was outed for this actions, despite being discharged without conviction. But boo hoo for his claim "'s not about myself, it's about my family, and my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's family."  It's about them knowing the truth.  That fact that the truth distresses them is entire on him.

One of the huge talking points about whether sex work should be legal is that we should avoid negative consequences for the sex workers themselves.  But I think this case helps illustrate how legalization in fact takes the weight of responsibility off the sex worker and puts it all on the client where it belongs.  It is his choice to use the service, his legal requirement to use a condom whether requested to or not, whether he knows that is the law or not, and if he breaks that law it is a matter of public record.

So, yes.  I am Team Legalize Prostitution.

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