Saturday, October 31, 2015

Men in Heels

Photo: Tim Evanson
Fashion that crosses, blurs, or ignored gender lines is currently very hip.  But, as many commentators have noted, this general means both genders dressing more-or-less masculine.  The taboo against men dressing in traditionally female ways is far, far stronger than vice versa.

And in modern times the idea of what is suitable for men is much narrower than many other times in history.  Take high heels for example.  Throughout history you can find examples of men wearing heels.

These days men in heels are generally cross-dressing, making a statement about a women's issue, or ritually self-humiliating for charity. But men have been wearing heels sporadically clubs over the last few years for simple reasons of fashion,

I rarely wear heels myself but will admit to thinking they are super-hot on men, so I hope this is a trend with, as they say, some legs.

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